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B.O.S.S. Frequently asked Questions

What are the system requirements for B.O.S.S.?
The minimum requirements to Run B.O.S.S. on a workstation is Windows 2000 SP4+, Pentium 3 Processor running at 1.0 ghz or faster, and 256mb of RAM.

For your Video Capture or Booking computer we recommend Windows XP SP2, Pentium 4 Processor Running 1.5 GHZ of faster and 512mb of RAM. We make this recomendation because this workstation is usually the most used machine, and to minimize the amount of time that an inmate might be out of their cell for safety reasons.

Does the B.O.S.S. Software require Internet Access
B.O.S.S. is offered in two versions, one requires a premise based server which we lease to our customers. This version is usually reserved for sites that do not have reliable internet access, large sites (above 750 beds), or where the site simply requires it. The second is much cheaper, and shares our servers with other sites saving significantly on hardware. JSS does require internet access be provided for maintenance of premise based servers, but this is only for us to keep the software updated with the latest versions

What are the requirements for the Mugshot Camera?
B.O.S.S. will work with many of the inexpensive Web Cameras on the market, but the quality of the image may suffer. We recommend a High Quality Color Video Surveillance Camera. These cameras are designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years of reliable service.

If we purchase B.O.S.S. will we lose all of our existing data?
As a rule the answer is No, we make every effort to import the data from your existing system. Our programming staff has extensive experience with writing programs to import your data. Of course with that said, there may be a rare occassion where we cannot import all of your data. We have not run into this situation as of this date.

Why does Justice Software Solution use the B.O.S.S. Web Software to develop this web site, why not use something more sophisticated?
We chose to use our own Web Templates to demonstrate their flexability. As we develop our web site we are also expanding and developing new templates that are immediately available to our customers. If it wasn't good enough for us why would we want our customers to use it?

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